• Big Piney Sportsman's Club - Houston, Missouri

Big Piney’s June F Class Shoot

June 10, 2017
Thank you everyone for another fun F Class 600 yard shoot at Big Piney.
The Silver Mountain Electronic Targets are doing great and working out real well. With this system it makes it easier to watch some one shoot and helps the ones doing the shooting. It’s great to see everyone enjoying the range.
We are glad to see new shooters starting to shoot f class at big piney. You do not have to be a member to shoot at Big Piney’s Matches.
Hope to see you all at our next shoot  July 15th.  We welcome everyone to come join us
The winners for June 10th are

Tommy Todd ~ 195 – 11 X  – 186 – 5 X  = 381 – 16 X …. 308
Israel Perry ~ 187 – 2 X – 189 – 4 X = 376 – 6 X   …308
Dave Odom ~ 176 – 1 X  – 182 1 X  = 358 – 2 X …… 223 Rem
Randy Ogrzewalla ~ 197 – 9 X  – 196 – 9 X = 393 – 18 X …. 6 BR
Keith Beasley ~ 195 – 9X  -197 – 11 X = 392  -20 X …. 6 Dasher
Jerry Payne ~ 190  0 X – 194 – 6 X  = 384 – 6 X ….. 6 Dasher
Don Rabun ~ 200 -10X -198 – 9X….398 -19X…..6 Dasher
Dannie Wake ~199 -10X – 198 – 13X =397 – 23X ….6 Dasher
Tony Francik ~ 197 – 6X – 197 – 8X = 394 – 14X ….284 CM
X Pot Winner ~ Dannie Wake 23 X’s

May 13, 2017 F Class Match

600 Yard F Class Match at Big Piney Sportsman’s Club in Houston, Missouri. We had a nice clear sunny day for the shoot.

New Jr Shooter

There was a good turn out for the shoot and some new faces and a new Jr Shooter Shane Greer shot long range for the first time.  He’s hooked now!!

The wind was a real challenge, blowing in all directions and everyone shoot well. We welcome everyone to come shoot with us.
Hope to see you at Big Piney’s next match, June 10th
The 2nd picture is of new jr shooter.  The 3rd picture is one of the electronic targets on the tablet.

Electronic targets on the tablet

600 Yard F Class Match 2017

600 Yard F Class Match at Big Piney Sportsman’s Club in Houston Missouri
We had some new shooters this month and everyone seemed to enjoy the new targets.The windy conditions made shooting a challenge,there were some good scores shot.
We would like to thank everyone for coming to shoot the 600 yard F Class match on Saturday at Big Piney Sportsman’s Club in Houston Missouri.
Our next shoot will be May 13, 2017.We welcome everyone to come shoot with us.

March 2017 F Class Match

The Weather forecast Did Not Stop Big Piney’s 600 F Class Match. The weather was better than predicted, it was chilly but good shooting conditions. We had a good turn out considering the weather.
Everyone shot some good scores today. We had a junior shooter Reese Boze 10 years old shot very well. There were two 399’s shot, one of them was in Varmint Class and other was in F Open.
The Silver Mountain Electronic Targets are working real good for us, and everyone is enjoying the electronic targets.
We want to thank everyone that came out in the fowl weather today to support Big Piney Sportsman’s Club at Houston Missouri and for your help. A enjoyable group of people to shoot with.
Thank you
Our next shoot will be April 8, 2017.We welcome everyone to come shoot with us

Silver Mountain Electronic Target System 600 yard F class match, 2/11/2017

Big Piney Sportsman’s Club in Houston, Mo. had their first Silver Mountain Electronic Target System 600 yard F class match.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day with changing winds making shooting tough.There were 22 shooters, one of them being a new junior shooter, Kamryn Weeks. Watch out guys for this little girl!! She is a awesome shooter.

We want to thank everyone for coming out to support the club and for their patience. Things went pretty well for the first electronic match. There were a few wrinkles that we have to iron out. Everyone adapted to the new system very well, and seemed to enjoy it.

We welcome everyone to come shoot with us. Hope to see you at Big Piney’s next match, on March 11th 2017

Final F-Class of 2016

The last match of the year the weather was cold (real cold) but we had 18 shooters turn out. Next year is looking good. Some new and exciting things look like will be happening. Be sure to check the schedule for dates and times because there are some changes being made.
Hope everyone has a good Holiday season  and see you next year.

F-Class for 10/1/16

We had a good turn out last Saturday. The weather was great and we had a couple of 300. Congrats to the new shooter on his 300. Also had a new junior shooter, Reece Bose. You guys better watch out for this little girl !! She is awsome.

Two more matches this year. Hope to see you there. Check out the results.

2016 600 Yard International Benchrest Shooters National Championship

Hello everyone. If you were not at Big Piney the 24&25 you really missed a big event. We had 82 shooters from 14 different states. As far away as Fl.,ND.,ID., SC., NC., and many others. Two days of non stop shooting.  The weather was great and so was the food and a good time was had by all. We heard many good compliments about the facility and the good match. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and to all the shooters.



img_7374People started to roll into the little Missouri town Wednesday afternoon in preparation for the battle of the best shooters in the Nation. On Thursday and Friday competitors checked in and acclimated themselves to the beautiful 600 Yard range that belongs to the Big Piney Sportsman’s Club in Houston, MO. Everyone was very impressed with the facility and underestimated the conditions that Big Piney could throw at them.img_7363

img_7389Opening morning for Light gun class proved to be challenging. Start time was pushed back one hour due to the fog settling in the firing line. By the second half of 8 targets shooters began to settle in and take control of the conditions. The Missouri shooters stayed on top with Ben Peters winning light gun score with a 385. Jason Walker came out with a group win with a 2.008” through 8 targets. With Tom Jacobs, Darrel Dacus, Jim Bauer, and Carrol Lance rounding out the top 5 in Light gun overall  it was going to be a hard fight to the finish.img_7376

img_7448Sunday the Heavy gun started right on time with the clouds keeping the fog in check. Relay 3 started the day and put it on top shelf for everyone to follow. The conditions seemed to stay pretty steady and helped create some amazing groups. Tom Jacobs came through with a 1.685 Heavy gun group aggregate. Rookie shooters Jim Kowske and TJ Stroop put on a great Heavy gun performance. Jim was second in Heavy gun group with 1.996” and TJ shot his way to second in score with a 384. Jason Walker hung on winning Heavy gun score with a 389. This set up Jason as the Heavy gun overall winner.img_7447

img_7506Jason dominated the weekend landing himself a 2 gun Overall Championship. The top Rookie honors went to TJ Stroop. Sally Bauer won the Overall top female. Rory Jacobs was able to seal the top Junior spot.img_7510

The Big Piney crew would like to thank everyone for being great friends and competitors! We could not have done it without everyone!






F-Class August 27, 2016

Our second match this month was a good turn out. The weather was nice. Always good to see the new shooters. Bob & Andrew cooked chicken on the new grill, and it turned out great. Don’t forget that there are no F-Class matches in September.  However there will be IBS . Come and check it out. Our next F-Class will be October 1. See you then.