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Big Piney 600yd F Class Match Results August 8, 2020

We had a good turnout for the match. There was a little rain early in the day but it was not too heavy and didn’t last too long. Thanks to the early cloud cover it wasn’t as hot as many August days, but was a little humid. The wind was trickier on some relays than others.

We had some really good scores including a pair of cleans in F-Open with the winner decided by X count (31 to 30!!)

Thanks to everybody that helped and to everyone for participating.

Glick, Dave 200/18X + 200/13X       = 400/31X
Rabun, Don 200/15X + 200/15X        = 400/30X
Meyer, Joe 200/14X + 199/13X        = 399/27X
Greer, Travis 199/13X + 200/13X     = 399/26X
Greer, Justus 200/15X + 199/11X     = 399/26X
Todd, Tommy 200/14X + 199/11X       = 399/25X
Greer, Donnie 200/16X + 198/9X      = 398/25X
Beasley, Keith 199/14X + 199/10X    = 398/24X
Orgezwalla, Randy 199/14X + 198/11X = 397/25X
Berhorst, Mark 200/13X + 196/9X     = 396/22X
Mccumber, Brandon 200/15X + 196/7X  = 396/22X
Payne, Jerry 198/9X + 198/8X        = 396/17X
Cagle, Jim 199/13X + 196/6X         = 395/19X
Lawson, Bob 198/8X + 197/9X         = 395/17X
Wake, Dannie 200/16X + 194/10X      = 394/26X
Scanga, John 199/12X + 195/7X       = 394/19X
Drewel, Bill 200/12X + 194/6X       = 394/18X
Wiggins, David 195/10X + 198/7X     = 393/17X
Rogers, BJ 197/11X + 196/5X         = 393/16X

X Pot Winner: Dave Glick 31X

Perry, Israel  196/12X + 198/7X     = 394/19X
Watson, Brandon  190/2X + 196/6X    = 386/8X
Fitch, Stanley  168/1X + 180/4X     = 348/5X
Hutchison, David  157/0X + 0/0X     = 157/0X

X Pot Winner: Israel Perry 19X

Whited, Nathan  199/10X + 197/12X   = 396/22X
Maximoff, Ron  199/12X + 195/8X     = 394/20X
Wiggins, Michelle  195/8X + 197/10X = 392/18X
Griffith, Jamie  196/5X + 195/10X   = 391/15X
Wanner, Mark  194/5X + 197/9X       = 391/14X
Brawley, Carl  194/7X + 194/7X      = 388/14X
Mccumber, Rick  194/5X + 191/5X     = 385/10X
Wanner, Mike  183/2X + 186/2X       = 369/4X
Krafft, Walt  183/4X + 179/2X       = 362/6X
X Pot Winner: Nathan Whited 22X
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