• Big Piney Sportsman's Club - Houston, Missouri

October 9 600 yard F Class Match results

We had nicer weather than expected for our October match. The forecast had called for 30 mph and gusty wind but fortunately that did not turn out to be the case. Even though the wind was not as high as expected, it was still tricky at times but many shooters managed to overcome that as evidenced by two 400 scores in Open and generally good scores and high X counts in all classes. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and take down, and thanks to every one for showing up!

Rabun, Don 200/11X + 200/15X = 400/26X
Glick, Dave 200/9X + 200/11X = 400/20X
Greer, Donnie 200/10X + 199/12X = 399/22X
Wake, Dannie 199/7X + 200/12X = 399/19X
Watson, Brandon 198/11X + 200/10X = 398/21X
Robisnson, Andrew 198/11X + 199/13X = 397/24X
Beasley, Keith 199/8X + 198/8X = 397/16X
Britt, Terry 198/10X + 198/16X = 396/26X
Greer, Justus 198/11X + 198/9X = 396/20X
Scanga, John 197/8X + 199/11X = 396/19X
Thompson, Adam 198/7X + 197/9X = 395/16X
Hutchison, David 196/6X + 198/7X = 394/13X
Drewel, Bill 196/8X + 196/6X = 392/14X
Perry, Cecil 196/8X + 195/5X = 391/13X
Wiggins, David 194/11X + 195/6X = 389/17X
Haggith, Mark 191/5X + 198/8X = 389/13X
Cook, Cody 195/6X + 193/3X = 388/9X
Fitch, Stanley 190/6X + 194/7X = 384/13X
Terry, David 193/8X + 112/1X = 305/9X

X Pot: (Tie) Rabun, Don 11X + 15X = 26X
Britt, Terry 10X + 16X = 26X
Perry, Israel 198/8X + 198/10X = 396/18X
Conrad, Keith 198/15X + 197/9X = 395/24X
Berhorst, Mark 197/12X + 195/7X = 392/19X
Todd, Tommy 197/9X + 194/4X = 391/13X

X Pot: Conrad, Keith 15X + 9X = 24X
Wiggins, Michelle 194/7X + 199/8X = 393/15X
Brawley, Carl 195/8X + 191/5X = 386/13X
Wanner, Mark 195/7X + 190/6X = 385/13X
Wanner, Mike 189/4X + 194/5X = 383/9X
Nolte, Randy 192/4X + 189/4X = 381/8X
Ducker, Dewayne 189/3X + 191/3X = 380/6X
Madderra, David 184/2X + 185/2X = 369/4X

X Pot:Wiggins, Michelle 7X + 8X = 15X

March 600yd F Class

The weather for our March match was cloudy, windy, chilly and there was some rain, but in spite of the wind being very tricky on some relays we had some great scores. This included a 400/24X clean by Tom Williams, to win Open and a 399/21X by Israel Perry with a .223 to win F/TR.

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to shoot with us, especially since the forecast looked like there would be much more rain than there actually was. Hope to see everyone for our twilight/night shoot on April 3rd. We will be starting that match earlier than on the club schedule. We will have a sight in period starting at 6:00PM and start the match at 7:00PM.

January 600yd F-Class Match

It was cloudy and a bit cold for our first match of 2021 which may have kept the turn out down a little, but the wind was not as bad as it often is. It was still tricky at times, but not as strong which made for a really competitive match including a perfect score by Mark Berhorst in F/TR, 33 X’s in Open by Dave Glick, and an X pot in F/TR decided by Creedmoor rule between Mark Berhorst and Keith Conrad with 24 X’s each!

Thanks to everyone for coming out in the cold weather and to everyone who helped with setting up and taking down targets! Hope to see everyone next month.

Nov 7 F-Class Match Results


Wake, Dannie 199/11X + 200/13X = 399/24X
Glick, Dave 198/11X + 200/15X = 398/26X
Greer, Donnie 199/8X + 198/10X = 397/18X
Orgzewalla, Randy 199/13X + 197/11X = 396/24X
Payne, Jerry 198/10X + 198/9X = 396/19X
Perry, Cecil 196/9X + 197/4X = 393/13X
Drewel, Bill 197/7X + 194/8X = 391/15X
Cagle, Jim 195/9X + 196/5X = 391/14X
Meyer, Joe 197/6X + 193/9X = 390/15X
Conover, Jeff 194/9X + 195/6X = 389/15X
Mccumber, Nicolle 195/5X + 194/5X = 389/10X
Wiggins, David 194/8X + 192/4X = 386/12X
Mccumber, Brandon 195/3X + 191/6X = 386/9X
Haggith, Mark 194/3X + 189/5X = 383/8X
Voss, Harvey 192/4X + 190/4X = 382/8X
Scanga, John 189/4X + 191/2X = 380/6X


Conrad, Keith 196/10X + 194/6X = 390/16X
Berhorst, Mark 190/3X + 189/5X = 379/8X
Moody, John 189/3X + 182/2X = 371/5X


Masters, Buzz 197/6X + 194/5X = 391/11X
Hutchison, David 197/7X + 190/6X = 387/13X
Wanner, Mark 194/4X + 192/3X = 386/7X
Wiggins, Michelle 192/7X + 191/7X = 383/14X
Mccumber, Rick 192/5X + 180/3X = 372/8X
Shearer, Scott 189/4X + 181/4X = 370/8X

Big Piney 600yd F Class Match Results August 8, 2020

We had a good turnout for the match. There was a little rain early in the day but it was not too heavy and didn’t last too long. Thanks to the early cloud cover it wasn’t as hot as many August days, but was a little humid. The wind was trickier on some relays than others.

We had some really good scores including a pair of cleans in F-Open with the winner decided by X count (31 to 30!!)

Thanks to everybody that helped and to everyone for participating.

Glick, Dave 200/18X + 200/13X       = 400/31X
Rabun, Don 200/15X + 200/15X        = 400/30X
Meyer, Joe 200/14X + 199/13X        = 399/27X
Greer, Travis 199/13X + 200/13X     = 399/26X
Greer, Justus 200/15X + 199/11X     = 399/26X
Todd, Tommy 200/14X + 199/11X       = 399/25X
Greer, Donnie 200/16X + 198/9X      = 398/25X
Beasley, Keith 199/14X + 199/10X    = 398/24X
Orgezwalla, Randy 199/14X + 198/11X = 397/25X
Berhorst, Mark 200/13X + 196/9X     = 396/22X
Mccumber, Brandon 200/15X + 196/7X  = 396/22X
Payne, Jerry 198/9X + 198/8X        = 396/17X
Cagle, Jim 199/13X + 196/6X         = 395/19X
Lawson, Bob 198/8X + 197/9X         = 395/17X
Wake, Dannie 200/16X + 194/10X      = 394/26X
Scanga, John 199/12X + 195/7X       = 394/19X
Drewel, Bill 200/12X + 194/6X       = 394/18X
Wiggins, David 195/10X + 198/7X     = 393/17X
Rogers, BJ 197/11X + 196/5X         = 393/16X

X Pot Winner: Dave Glick 31X

Perry, Israel  196/12X + 198/7X     = 394/19X
Watson, Brandon  190/2X + 196/6X    = 386/8X
Fitch, Stanley  168/1X + 180/4X     = 348/5X
Hutchison, David  157/0X + 0/0X     = 157/0X

X Pot Winner: Israel Perry 19X

Whited, Nathan  199/10X + 197/12X   = 396/22X
Maximoff, Ron  199/12X + 195/8X     = 394/20X
Wiggins, Michelle  195/8X + 197/10X = 392/18X
Griffith, Jamie  196/5X + 195/10X   = 391/15X
Wanner, Mark  194/5X + 197/9X       = 391/14X
Brawley, Carl  194/7X + 194/7X      = 388/14X
Mccumber, Rick  194/5X + 191/5X     = 385/10X
Wanner, Mike  183/2X + 186/2X       = 369/4X
Krafft, Walt  183/4X + 179/2X       = 362/6X
X Pot Winner: Nathan Whited 22X

June 13th , 2020 F Class 600 yard match

Our biggest number of shooters since we started f class matches. We had 47 shooters and a beautiful day for the match.

There was some new shooters, and we were please to have two youth shooters join us.

Ron Williams cooked hot dogs and bratwursts for lunch for us. They were very good and appreciated.

Our two youth shooters, Harper Hunt and Koller Ashlock shot very well.

We appreciate all the support from all the shooters. And think everyone had a good time.

Hope everyone will be back for our July team shoot.

Even if you don’t have a team member to shoot with come on any way we might be able to match up some teams there that day. And if not you can still shoot as a individual and scores will count on the high five for the year.

Thank you
Big Piney

March 14th, 2020 F Class – Winners get special TP Awards Match Results

Thanks to everyone that came out and battled the rain on Saturday. Had a good turn out in spite of the weather.

April 4th will be our next shoot and it will be a night match. We have three classes FTR, Tactical Varmint & F Open. You can shoot prone or bench in any of these classes. Prone and bench will be competing together in each class. 40 shots for score. This match will not count on the high five yearly score. April 11th is our regular monthly match that will count on the high five.

Ron is going to cook hot dogs before the night match. He is providing the hot dogs, buns and condiments. If you would like to bring a covered dish, dessert or chips that would be appreciated. We will eat before the match. The match can not start until it gets dark.

If you have questions please ask Gary or Donnie.

Feb. 8th F Class Shoot

Thanks everyone for coming out to the match, and dealing with the cold wind. Shooting conditions were very tough.

We were glad to have some new shooters, and appreciate our regular shooters and real happy to have a youth shooter.

Our next match is March 14th, starts at 10: 00 AM.

Hope everyone comes back and bring some one with them.

If you have any questions call, text or email me, Donnie, on 417 – 252 – 9151 – Email: or talk to Gary

Big Piney’s Club Champions for 2019

This championship is determined by the highest five monthly scores for the year in FTR, F Open and Tactical Varmint.


1st Place ~ Tommy Todd    - 1959 -- 69X
2nd Place ~ Don Rabun     - 1953 -- 72X
3rd Place ~ Mark Berhorst - 1951 -- 52X

Tactical Varmint

1st Place ~ Ron Maximoff - 1965 -- 88X
2nd Place ~ Larry Brown  - 1950 -- 66X
3rd Place ~ Eddie Luton  - 1926 -- 64X

F Open

1st Place ~ Dave Glick - 1996    -- 132X
2nd Place ~ Jerry Payne - 1994   -- 117X
3rd Place ~ Keith Beasley - 1990 -- 103X