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New Tactical Side Match April 28, 2013

Hey Guys we are going to add a new side match after the Tactical Multi Range Match. This is a trial match to see if we can revamp our tactical match. This will put shooters up against time, on the fly ranging, and head to head competition. This is going to be the format for the new match. Let us know what you think!

Buzz match

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One Response to New Tactical Side Match April 28, 2013

  1. SeanHagerty says:

    A few of us went out yesterday to test the course of for this match. We worked out a few kinks and found a few ways to make things run a bit smoother, but this will be fun. Bring extensive bullet drop charts, and get familiar with your them! This will really let you know a lot about how your rifle shoots.

    This is not a physically challenging match, with all stages being shot from one location.

    We tested this out running the different stages as individual events, but we had discussion on ways to integrate this into one overall match. That is for the distant future. As for The 28 April match, it will be be a blast.

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