• Big Piney Sportsman's Club - Houston, Missouri

Feb 9, 2018 F Class 600 yd Shoot

Mark Berhorst, Israel Perry & Jerry Payne

Tommy Todd, David Wiggins, Mark Berhorst, Israel Perry, Bill Drewel & Jerry Payne


We gave out the awards for Champion Of The Year For 2018 at February Match.
1St Place ~ Israel Perry 1980 93X
2Nd Place ~ Don Rabun 1968 81X
3Rd Place ~ Tommy Todd 1954 77X
The Highest FTR Score Shot By
Irsael Perry 399 20X
Tactical & Varmint
1St Place ~ Jerry Payne 1982 105X
2Nd Place ~ David Wiggins 1965 80X
3Rd Place ~ Bill Drewel 1937 58X
The Highest Tactical & Varmint Score Shot By
Jerry Payne 400 24X
F Open
1St Place ~ Mark Berhorst 1996 116X
2Nd Place ~ Dave Glick 1993 121X
3Rd Place ~ Justin Dale 1993 115X
The Highest F Open Score Shot By
Joe Meyer 400 32X
Thank you all for coming out to shoot at Big Piney, it was cold cold and changing wind conditions. We all were needing to smell some gun powder, it had been too long!
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