• Big Piney Sportsman's Club - Houston, Missouri

May 12, 2018 F Class Match

Thanks everyone for coming out to shoot with us on Saturday.

We have a super friendly and helpful group of shooters. The club wants everyone to enjoy coming to Big Piney to shoot. You do not have to be a club member to shoot in our matches we welcome everyone.

One of our shooters had a gun problem in the middle of the match and Dave Glick was kind enough to loan this shooter a gun and shells so he could finish the match. Thanks Dave.

Thank you Mark and John for making the targets works so well.

The June match will be a two person team shoot. It’s filling up fast, if you want to shoot it you need to pre register for it as soon as you can. You must send the $50.00 pre team or $25.00 Junior Shooters pre team with your entry form. If there are any spots left the day of the shoot you can register then.

F Class match – April 21st 2018

Thanks everyone for coming out to shoot at Big Piney. We had some new shooters this month, hope they had fun and would like to see them again.
We missed some of our regular shooters, they might have been turkey hunting. Hope to see everyone back next month!
Traveling Blue Dollar Trophy Winner: Brian Bowling 399 – 24X . Don only got to keep the trophy for one month and Brian won it back!

Big Piney’s F Class 600 Yard March 2018 Match

Thank you everyone for coming to shoot with us at Big Pineys Sportsman’s club. There were some very good scores shot. The weather wasn’t too bad.

This was our first match with the new flags.

We had a new youth f class 600 yard shooter Jason Greer: 198 – 10x – 189 – 4x = 387 – 14X. This was his first match and he did very well. It’s great to have and see the young shooters come join in the fun sport with us.

Brian Bowling awards Don Rabun the Blue Dollar Traveling Trophy.

We want to thank everyone for coming out and braving the weather. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was needing to shoot after canceling January’s match! I was having withdrawals.

Hopefully March with bring better weather. We are going to make up January’s match in November.

Sorry I did not get a picture of the winners, because everyone wanted to get on road home before the weather turned really bad.


January 13 – 600 yard F Class Rifle Match. 10:00 am.
Febuary 10 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
March 10 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
April 21 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
May 12 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
June 9 – 600 yard F Class (two man team) rifle match. 10:00 am
July 14 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
August 11 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
September 15 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
October 13 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.
November – No F Class Match this month
December 8 – 600 yard F Class rifle match. 10:00 am.

December 9th F Class Match

Thanks everyone for coming out and battling the cold wind to shoot  with us. We had two shooters from TN. and one shooter from IA. this match, hope to see them again.Think everyone had a good time despite the weather.
We had a good year, and a lot of bugs got worked out of the system thanks to Mark and John.We welcome everyone to join us this coming year. The new schedule has been posted on our web site.
Hope to see everyone January 13th for our first match in the new year.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Big Piney’s F Class Shoot for 10/28

Thanks to Mark and John they saved the day for us by working real hard to get everything up and running. We had some cold bitter wind and some good shooting.  Our number of shooters was down probably because of youth deer season and cold windy weather.
No shoot in November. We hope the numbers will be up for the next match.
The date for our next shoot is December 9th
See you then!
If you have any questions call Dannie Wake 417-252-0927 or Donnie Greer 417-252-9151

F class 600 yard shoot on Oct 14th

Thank you everyone for coming out to shoot with us on Oct 14th. We had a good group of shooters. The wind made it tough to shoot, and was a real challenge to read. But despite that there was some close scores shot!

The electronic targets are working real well, thanks to John Moody and Mark Cooper for helping us. We appreciate their help.

No shoot in November because of deer season and Thanksgiving.

Join us for our next shoot on Saturday October 28th. and bring your friends.

If you have any questions call Dannie Wake 417-252-0927 or Donnie Greer 417-252-9151

See you there!


Big Piney F Class Aug. 12, 2017 Match Results

We would like to thank everyone that came to the shoot.
There was some very good scores shot and we think everyone enjoyed it.
Congrats to Joe Meyer on shooting score of 400

Glad to see the new shooters.
Everyone come back and bring some one with you.

Big Piney’s next match is September 16th



Joe Meyer ~ 200 – 9X – 200 – 10X = 400 – 19X………..6.5 5×4
Ryan Kever ~ 199 – 8X – 199 – 11X = 398 – 19X………6 Dasher
Dave Glick ~ 198 – 13X – 199 – 16X = 397 – 29X …….6 Dasher

F- Open Youth Shooter

Shane Greer ~ 193 – 2X – 195 – 5X = 388 – 7X …….6 Dasher


Mark Todd ~ 196 – 6X – 198 – 7X = 394 – 13X………223
Tommy Todd ~ 194 – 5X – 197 – 8X = 391 -13X ……308
Israel Perry ~ 193 – 4X – 194 – 5X = 387 – 9X………308

Varmint & Tactical

Jerry Payne ~ 199- 14X – 199- 14X = 398 – 28X……….6 BR
Randy Ogr zewalla ~ 198 – 6X – 198 – 8X = 396-14X…6 BR
David Wiggins ~ 198 – 8X – 196 – 8X = 394 – 16X…….6.5×47

X Pot Winner ~~ Dave Glick – 29 X’S

Big Piney’s July F Class 600 yd Match

We would like to thank everyone for their patience. The weather was hot and the wind was blowing all different directions. The breeze made it comfortable to be out side but not so great for the guys shooting.

There was a good number of shooter this month, and a few out of state shooters. Each month we are seeing some new faces.

One of the new shooters was youth shooter Walker Jacobs. He shot very well. Hey guys you better look out for the youth shooters! They are getting tough to beat.

We welcome everyone to come shoot with us. See you at Big Piney’s Aug, 12th match!

Winner’s of July 15th F Class 600 yd match results


Don Rabun ~ 143 – 1X – 149 – 7X = 292 – 8X….308
Tommy Todd~ 144 -3X – 145 – 2X = 289 – 5X…223
John Moody ~ 133 -1X – 143 – 1X = 276 – 2X…308

Varmint & Tactical

Jerry Payne ~ 142 – 2X – 146 – 8X = 288 – 6X … 6 BR
Randy Ogrzewalla ~ 141 – 1X – 144 – 3X = 285 – 4X… 6MM BR
Brian Bowling ~ 136 – 0X – 148 – 7X = 284 – 7X …TAC -40


Dave Glick ~ 150 – 8X – 150 – 7X = 300 – 15X …….6 Dasher H
Brian Bowling ~ 149 – 9X – 150- 11X = 299 – 20X .. TAC- 40
Jim Kowske ~ 149 – 3X – 150 – 7X = 299 – 10X …..6 BRX

Junior Shooter

Walker Jacobs ~ 149 – 7X – 147 – 7X = 296 -14X …6.5 x 284

X Pot Winner ~ Brian Bowling 20 X’S