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Feb 10, 2024 600 yard F Class Match Results

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The weather for our February match was pretty good for this time of year in the Ozarks, but it did seem to get colder rather than warmer as the day went on, and the breeze picked up as well. Winds were not very high, but were definitely tricky at times and given that it was a cloudy, chilly day there was no mirage to read, just lying wind flags, lol. There were a couple of clean targets, but no 400's as a result of the deceivingly tricky conditions. All in all, however it was a pretty good day for a match this time of year, and there was a lot of pretty good shooting as well.
We had two junior shooters at this match, both of whom shot VERY well. Good job Eli and Bobby!!
Thanks to everyone who attended, and everyone who helped set up, take down, and run the match!
Hope to see everyone next month!!
Dennis, Cary 199/11X + 200/13X = 399/24X
Wiggins, David 200/11X + 199/10X = 399/21X
Drewel, Bill 198/13X + 200/13X = 398/26X
Beasley, Keith 199/12X + 199/10X = 398/22X
Glick, Dave 199/9X + 199/12X = 398/21X
Davis, Jim 198/10X + 200/8X = 398/18X
Cornelison, Mike 199/8X + 199/10X = 398/18X
Winkeler, Vince 198/6X + 200/11X = 398/17X
Hutchison, David 198/10X + 198/10X = 396/20X
Luton, Michael 198/8X + 198/11X = 396/19X
Gregory, Gary 199/8X + 197/10X = 396/18X
Redman, Dustin 197/9X + 199/8X = 396/17X
Weyrauch, Bob 197/8X + 199/7X = 396/15X
Wake, Dannie 197/11X + 198/8X = 395/19X
Fitch, Stanley 195/10X + 199/8X = 394/18X
Muller, Alex 199/9X + 195/7X = 394/16X
Perry, Cecil 196/8X + 197/12X = 393/20X
Burton, Eric 197/11X + 196/6X = 393/17X
Voss, Harvey 194/7X + 199/9X = 393/16X
Greer, Donnie 198/8X + 195/5X = 393/13X
Cook, Cody 188/4X + 198/7X = 386/11X
X Pot: Drewel, Bill 13X + 13X = 26X
Perry, Israel 198/11X + 197/6X = 395/17X
Burton, Ethan 197/7X + 194/8X = 391/15X
Berhorst, Mark 200/6X + 191/3X = 391/9X
Green, Kevin 177/2X + 176/2X = 353/4X
X Pot: Perry, Israel 11X + 6X = 17X
Jernigan, Phil 198/13X + 196/10X = 394/23X
Watkins, Lance 196/7X + 197/5X = 393/12X
Dennis, Taylor 198/4X + 195/6X = 393/10X
Long, Shane 195/3X + 197/13X = 392/16X
Britt, Terry 190/3X + 198/7X = 388/10X
Castillo, Jason 190/5X + 196/4X = 386/9X
Long, Devon 192/5X + 192/3X = 384/8X
Ducker, Dewayne 188/3X + 189/0X = 377/3X
Terry, Colten 186/2X + 187/3X = 373/5X
Terry, Paul 188/4X + 67/1X = 255/5X
X Pot: Jernigan, Phil 13X + 10X = 23X
Andrews, Eli 196/7X + 197/6X = 393/13X
Weyrauch, Bobby 195/8X + 194/6X = 389/14X


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