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08 June 2024 600- Yard F-Class rifle match

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Big Piney June 8, 2024 600yd F Class Match Results
In spite of forecasts we had great weather for the second match in a row, although the wind was extremely tricky at times, especially during one relay. Other than the challenging wind, the conditions were very pleasant with decent temps, thin clouds and no rain although it was a little humid. The tricky wind did keep the scores down a bit as evidenced by no cleans and a 397 winning score in Open. Overall it was just a tough day.
There was plenty of good shooting, though, including a 21 X count by Jim Davis to take the X pot in Open and a 396 Winning score in F-TR by Israel Perry which would have placed third in Open among others.
We had two Junior shooters this month, Emily Greer and Logan Murray, both of whom shot great on such a difficult day!
Thanks to everyone who attended, and everyone who helped set up and take down, and everyone who helped run the match! We appreciate you all!
Hope to see everyone at next month's two day match! It is always fun and there will be food on Saturday and a prize table so make plans to attend if you can!
Burton, Eric 199/8X + 198/10X = 397/18X
Cornelison, Mike 199/6X + 198/9X = 397/15X
Davis, Jim 197/13X + 197/8X = 394/21X
Dennis, Cary 196/9X + 198/5X = 394/14X
Redman, Dustin 197/9X + 196/3X = 393/12X
Terry, David 197/13X + 195/8X = 392/21X
Greer, Donnie 195/8X + 197/6X = 392/14X
Weyrauch, Bob 194/5X + 198/8X = 392/13X
Greer, Lori 194/8X + 197/8X = 391/16X
Wake, Dannie 194/7X + 197/4X = 391/11X
Robinson, Andrew 196/10X + 194/8X = 390/18X
Glick, Dave 194/7X + 196/9X = 390/16X
Wiggins, David 194/6X + 195/8X = 389/14X
Cox, Dan 193/4X + 196/6X = 389/10X
Greer, Travis 199/4X + 190/6X = 389/10X
Brawley, Carl 191/5X + 197/9X = 388/14X
Beasley, Keith 192/4X + 196/6X = 388/10X
Wiggins, Michelle 195/9X + 192/5X = 387/14X
Ogrzewalla, Randy 192/4X + 195/7X = 387/11X
Cook, Rachel 190/6X + 192/3X = 382/9X
X Pot: Davis, Jim 13X + 8X = 21X
Perry, Israel 197/9X + 199/9X = 396/18X
Berhorst, Mark 194/9X + 197/4X = 391/13X
Fitch, Stanley 191/4X + 195/5X = 386/9X
Phelps, Tyler 189/4X + 193/3X = 382/7X
Yoakum, Chantry 182/4X + 182/1X = 364/5X
X Pot: Perry, Israel 9X + 9X = 18X
Jernigan, Phil 196/6X + 196/10X = 392/16X
Britt, Terry 199/11X + 188/4X = 387/15X
Long, Shane 190/5X + 195/3X = 385/8X
Kastning, Bobby 191/4X + 190/5X = 381/9X
Murray, Justin 191/6X + 189/4X = 380/10X
Dennis, Taylor 190/3X + 190/2X = 380/5X
Simmons, Mark 189/4X + 189/2X = 378/6X
Reese, Dana 174/0X + 180/1X = 354/1X
Vinyard, Robert 168/1X + 181/2X = 349/3X
X Pot: Jernigan, Phil 6X + 10X = 16X
Greer, Emily 185/6X + 191/4X = 376/10X
Murray, Logan 174/3X + 173/1X = 347/4X
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